Department of Energy Equipment Sales Records and Energy Efficiency

August 15, 2016

U. S. Department of Energy 

Finalized regulations for equipment sales record keeping took effect on August 15, 2016.  Most larger dealers have excellent recording keeping due to their dispatch and accounting software.  They already know model #, serial #s, customers, etc for all the equipment they sell.  Regretfully, many smaller contractors are still trying to operate their business without the benefit of this software.  Regardless of the method of record keeping, the DOE now requires that EVERY dealer be able to produce their equipment sales records for the past four years.  The records can be via software or paper but the result must be the same, you have 30 days to produce the requested information covering the past 4 years.  The dealer / contractor may ask for more time to produce the records but must still produce all the records they could find within the 30 days allowed and state why they need more time to find the rest.  There is no way to get around it.  

This record keeping is intented to prove that the dealer / contractor is installing equipment that meets the minimum standard; i.e., SEER 14 in Arkansas.  Failure to install the minimum standard has serious consequences.  Any company found to be a routine violator can be placed on a do not sell list with distributors and manufacturers. 

The following lists some of the particulars of the regulation:

The dealer / contractor is now responsible for keeping installation records for four (4) years on the following equipment:

            *Condensing Units
              (split-system central air conditioner outdoor units)
            *Evaporator Coils
              (split-system central air conditioner indoor units)
            *Package units
            *Heat Pumps

The record must include--

            *Manufacturer name
            *Model number
            *Serial number
            *Location of installation
            *Date of installation
            *Party from whom the unit was purchased (including person's name, full address, and phone number).

Installed Equipment Efficiency Standards

(Equipment you install)
              *Condensing Unit (must be rated capable of achieving 14 SEER minimum)
              *Evaporator must match condenser and capable of achieving 14 SEER minimum
              *Package units, AC & Heat Pump (14 SEER)

Latest from DOE

You are not required to replace the evaporator but if you do, it must be matched with condenser to achieve 14 SEER minimum

Violations / Penalties

                Frequent violations:
                The dealer may be put on a do not sell list