Legislator List

The list of all Arkansas State Representatives and State Sentors can be found by downloading the document, "Legislator List" taken from the Arkansas General Assembly web sit.

Looking Up your District

Not everyone keeps up with their voting district or precinct; thus, one may not know their State Representative or State Senator.  You can contact your local Circuit Clerk.  They will be able to help you.  In fact, you may be able to search it online.  Just enter (your county) Circuit Clerk and hit enter.  Many Clerks have links entitled, "Check Your Voter Registration."  
Link to argis.ualr.edu District Map
As of last check, this web site was under construction; however, it is the recommended site listed on the Arkansas General Assembly Web page under Legislators, District Finder.  When working, you can put in your address or use the map to zoom in on your house to find the District for your State Representative and State Senator.  http://argis.ualr.edu/website/districtfinder/