The 90th General Assembly --Regular Session of 2015

The 90th Session of the Regular General Assembly convened on Monday, January 12, 2015 in a historical change of power from Democrat to Republican.  All seven of the State's Elected Executive Officers are Republican, 21 of 35 Senators are Republican, as well as 64 of the 100 representatives are Republican.  According to Arkansas News Bureau, this session will be the first since the 1870s that Arkansas will have both a Republican Governor and a Republican controlled legislature.  Bill filing started on Monday, November 17, 2014. 

Contacting Your Legislator

It is important that you are available to contact your State Representative and Senator.  Occasionally a bill affecting the HVACR industry will be submitted by a well intentioned legislator.  It may be a bill that will benefit or could possibly harm our industry.  When the State office of the Arkansas HVACR Association hears of any bill affecting you, we will do our best to bring it to your attention so you can contact your legislator with your opinion.  Your legislators value your opinion and do their best to serve your interests; however, they can only do that if you give them your well informed position.  Remember, the best way for "crazy stuff" to pass is for us to do nothing.  The best way for us to protect our industry and better serve our customers is for you to be involved by informing and supporting your legislator.
Keeping Up with Bills
You can help us keep up with bills that may affect our industry by following the instructions in the attached document, "Keeping Up with Bills and Other Good Legislative Stuff."  It is easy to do and a great civics lesson for all of us.  You might even point it out to your children.  Who knows, they may get extra credit at school for being able to have a conversation with their teacher.