The Arkansas HVACR Mechanical Code is administered by the Arkansas Department of Health, Division of Protective Health Codes located in the Heatlh Department Building at 4815 W. Markham, Little Rock, AR 72205.   The director of Protective Health Codes is Bob Higginbottom and the director of the Arkansas HVACR Licensing Depatment is Russell Duncan 501-661-2642.  With minor exceptions including persons working on their own equipment, all persons serving the public for the purposes of installation and service of HVACR systems are required to hold the appropriate license as issued by the Arkansas Licensing Board as authorized by Act 277, 1991 as ammended.

The link to the law follows: th/ProtectiveHealthCodes/Documents/hvacrlaw.pdf

The link to the Rules & Regulations follows:

The Department, Law, Rules & Regulations

Classes of License

Licenses are as follows:
Class "A" :  May service or sell any size of HVACR equipment
Class "B" : May service or sell HVACR equipment <=15 tons of AC, <=1millionn BTUH heating input, <=15 horsepower of refrigeration
Class "C" : may service equipment not exceeding the Class "B" license
Class "D" : perform sheet metal work for ductwork on HVACR systems
Class "E" : perform refrigeration work only without regard to size
Class "L" : restricted lifetime license for persons >=65 years of age
Registrant : persons working for and under the supervision of a Class "A", "B", "C", "D", or "E" licensee