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The mission of the Arkansas HVACR Association is to promote professionalism and help our members become more profitable by providing benefits, information, education and legislative representation. We strive to be proactive in consumer protection to serve Arkansans and to enhance the HVACR industry image.
We invite you to browse through our site and see what the Arkansas HVACR Association is doing for consumers as well as the HVACR industry.  For consumers, its about professional service and peace of mind.  For the HVACR industry, it is about training, education, support, representation, and comradery.   
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Manual J

Better than Before

2 Days Manual J

   a. Never had a Manual J Class or need a refresher?  This is for you.  

   b. $350 fee includes a one year subscription to Wrightsoft Manual J & D Software

   c. If you already have Wrightsoft Version 2018, the fee is only $50.

Manual D

You Asked For It

1 Day Manual D

  a. $110 fee includes ACCA Duct Calculator Slide Rule

    b. morning in manual form using ACCA Duct Slide Calclator Rule (furnished)

  c.  afternoon using Wrightsoft Manual D Software (Comes with your Manual J software)

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Course Completed

Course Completed

Course Completed

Course Completed